June 1996—July 2003

Our Zack started out as a promising pup but things quickly changed. He was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at a year of age. From there things  got worse, he developed VKH and spent the next five years battling this awful disease. In the beginning the outbreaks were months apart but as time went by they were just weeks apart and Zack just gave up. He spent his life as a pampered house dog, the king of his castle and enjoyed tons of chocolate chip cookies, his favorite! We miss our big boy.

June 2000—July 2004

Junior was a sweetheart, he could go anywhere with us and loved everyone. He was our clown! Always having fun and keeping us laughing. Junior developed an infection that quickly spread to his brain. Within days our happy boy was unable to walk or see. How awful for our boy just full of life. We hope there are lots of toys in Heaven for our Junebug to play with.

July 2002—March 2004

Baby Coal was a single pup with a strong will to live. He was born early with numerous problems. He was unable to swallow which was caused by PRAA. Our wonderful vet did surgery when he was just 13 days old, it worked. Coal also survived pneumonia caused by aspirating everything we tried to feed him. Next came a telescoping intestine, but he survived. What a strong and happy puppy. 

For the next year Coal lived a normal life, eating everything he wanted, playing with the other dogs and just touching our hearts. He got away with lots of things that were off limits to the others but he was special. One awful morning he bloated. He taught us so much and touched everyone he met. We miss you Cocoa Bean!

Missy was lost too soon!

Missy lived in Oregon with our friend Linda Lopossa. She completed an agility class and runs the obstacles all off lead! What a good girl she is. She was AKC pointed in limited showing. Missy lived with one of our favorite boys, Nick, BISS. Ch. Columbia Ridge The Contender AOM.


Tara was our first show dog. Boy did she make it seem easy, quickly finishing completely novice owner handled at 10 months of age. She enjoyed showing off which made it fun. Tara has taught us plenty, she is a sweetheart and loves all people but is extremely dog aggressive, even climbing fences to fight. We learned the hard way about expensive micro mesh fencing, a necessity with her. Tara was bred once, producing one pup. While her daughter is now 5 years old and a wonderful girl we decided against breeding Tara again.

Sadly Tara lost her battle with cancer - she will be missed!

Honey is our Granite daughter. She had that same loving temperament with just a bit of silliness thrown in. She was a trooper as our other dogs have gone out to the shows, she gladly stayed home to be spoiled rotten. When it was her turn to show she put up with mom and even picked up a major. With our handler, Bryan Martin, Honey quickly learned the ropes and finished her championship. Honey is the dam of 2 Champions: Our very own Gable and Star (Ch. Okami's Totally Star Struck) owned by our friends Becky & Jerry Bullard.

Sadly we lost Honey just shy of her 8th Birthday.

Star finished her championship quickly and easily.
The "little lawn dart" became a beautiful girl.
Sadly Star was lost to bloat just after her 7th birthday.
She will be missed.


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